Gorefest Records Releases 2018

Bizzart – Doobie Christ 1/1/18 (limited 12inch 10 copies release/Digital)

Ten-Headed Skeleton – All Knives On Me 2/13/18 (limited Double CD release/Digital)

Moisture Boys/Ten-Headed Skeleton – 7inch Split EP (TBA)

Gorefest Records Sampler (Digital Compilation of all artists)

K-The-i??? (Untitled limited 12inch/Digital Release – TBA)

Ohm Aota (Untitled limited 12inch/Digital Release – TBA)

The Oman – (Untitled limited 12inch/Digital Release – TBA)

Planet Earth – (Untitled limited 12inch/Digital Release – TBA)

Big Epoch & Igor Amokian/Ten-Headed Skeleton – 7inch Split EP (TBA)

82/Ten-Headed Skeleton – 7inch EP (TBA)

Jupiter Black/Ten-Headed Skeleton – 7inch Split EP (TBA)

Offwhyte – (Untitled – TBA)


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